Monday, September 30, 2013

gossip rag September 2013

Slow and steady has been the Kenji Must Die! Toro! Toro! motto for a long time. We've been steadier at times, and we've been slower... but today is still almost two sentences further along than we were yesterday... or a minute ago.

Since we're here in September, 2013, I guess it's time to present the first issue of the gossip rag, the comings and goings of the month as seen through the eyes (or lied through the teeth) of KMDTT. After all, we're right on schedule... this month marks the fourth anniversary of when we decided to start calling ourselves a "band". Very excitinzzzzzzZZZZ.

Sorry. Fell asleep for a second. Let's get juicy. (Not really. But it's fun to say.)

A quick update on the progress of our second EP... the name of the EP has been revealed! It's "For Darkness is a Source of Light to Me." The EP contains eight tracks, and we are putting the final touches on the recording and mixing, and expect to release by the end of this year, which means probably next year. Or 2016. Regardless, eventually the EP will be available... slow and steady, bub. In the meantime, go check out our first EP, available on iTunes.

With the 2013 edition of the usual summer semi-hiatus behind us, we're back on the "rust-shaker" schedule in preparation for the next Kenji World Boozcan... let's say it'll happen sometime in autumn, the final date soon to be announced! For the uninitiated, Kenji World Boozcans are invite-only live shows in secret locations. The guest list is closely guarded and extremely limited, chosen by random lot, by rsvp only. If you'd like to come to a Kenji World Boozcan, please write your name and contact information on a piece of paper and then burn that piece of paper because we don't care if you'd like to come or not. If you are noted on The All-Inclusive Invite List we already know who you are.

And some quick notes on other developments --

Our long-neglected online store is currently being re-vamped and will be unveiled in time for the Winter Holiday Shopping Season. Looking for that perfect something for the Indie-Band Lover and Kenji-Hater in your life? We'll deck you out... soon!

We're also sad to announce the passing of our percussion player, Paddy... sorry, I meant to say "the passing through" of our percussion player. Paddy returned to Vancouver for a visit after several months of tramping through the wilds of northern British Columbia in his relentless quest to plant ever more trees in the forest (over a million so far, and counting!), while on the way to his Butter Nut farm on Vancouver Island. We're sad because he won't be able to sit in as regularly as he did previously... but happy for him and the Butter Nuts. We love Butter Nut. (And yes, I am being silly, and yes, that IS a girl.)

Finally, congratulations to the first recipient of the Kenji World "What the Hell Was That About" Award, a trumpet-shaped empty bottle of vodka spray-painted gold... drumroll, please... the first recipient is: the person who stole the gold-spray-painted-vodka-bottle from behind the dumpster we left it to dry.

Second place is to whoever stole (and ate!) the Sin Bin hot wings we forgot on the top of said dumpster before going into our studio to jam. We found the box several streets south, and were more disappointed by the litter than the theft.

Third place is to the incredibly-drunk gentleman that (literally, in the literal sense of the word) screamed at El (who was only just telling us a story), "Are you so insecure you can't let your friends say a single word?!" before staring at us slightly unfocussed for several seconds and without another word moving to the bar, attempting to chug the remains of his beer, failing, then lumbering unsteadily out of the Sin Bin... all while staring us down.

I can't wait to see who's in the running for October!

Until next month... don't step on an avocado!

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