Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have yah met... REd?!

My father was a farmer, and allied bombs were dropping on the hospital when my mother was born in the latter days of WWII (true). I was born 9.5 years after my only sibling, and therefore I believe I was an unexpected (although my parents deny this) joy. I come from the Western Coastal village of Ladner, where everyone knows your business, but few outside knows the village exists.

I have been called many things over my life, but here you can call me REd, short for RacyEd deSalt. Those who know me should be able to decipher my pseudonym rather easily. I love music; guitar, stories and long walks on…… oh wait. Some stories of which I plan to share will be true, and others fiction; I will let you decide which is which, for that makes the thought so much more intriguing.

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