Friday, June 24, 2011

Have yah met... Andy...?!

Photo by Jon Dy, 2011
A few words about myself... ok... you can call me Andy, sometimes Andy Desperado, sometimes thecorpse, sometimes Scott Anderson. While we all mix up what we do in the band, write songs or lyrics, and produce everything together, the drums are usually mine.

I was born and raised in Princeton, British Columbia, and my family has a deep history in the Similkameen Valley. I spent a year in Zamboanga City in the Philippines as an exchange student, mostly trying to keep from getting kidnapped or shot, though I also took liberal arts classes at the Ateneo. I moved to Vancouver and started working at the Vancouver Stock Exchange until they closed down the trade floor. Then I worked at a newspaper, went back to work for a brokerage firm, and eventually ended up working in a medical library, where I am now. I'm also the president of the Vancouver Historical Society.

Alongside the wanderings of my career within respectable society, I've also been in some independent bands. My last one, Solarbaby, allowed me do lots of cool stuff, like play live on tv, radio, webcasts and lots of shows, here in Vancouver and BC, in Washington State, and in Ontario. We were signed, for a time, to an independent record company in Toronto called teenage USA.

I live in Kitsilano with my wife, Ams, sometimes abomb, sometimes Amber. I like a good lager, Ams likes ale. We like going to the pub. My favourite "go-to" band for listening is Radiohead. My favourite food is steak and potatoes. I enjoy a good book, usually non-fiction. I like the internet, I can always find something to distract me. It's good to keep busy.

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